Open edX

Open edX is the open source project run by that allows anyone to use the powerful platform to create and run online courses and programs. We’re one of the biggest and most experienced service provider with Open edX – from customizations, to dev/ops and hosting, to course content.

ExtensionEngine is not only expert in Open edX, we are very active in the Open edX community

  • We host the Open edX adaptive working group
  • We developed the Xblock directory
  • We are regular speakers and sponsors of the Open edX Conference
  • We are even located in the same building as edX in Cambridge, MA!


The most common hosting solution for Open edX is to use the Amazon Cloud services, which is where is hosted. But when most folks say “hosting” what they really mean is “devops” which is technical jargon for hosting, ongoing maintenance and technical support. For example, some of our clients need 24×7 application support so that in the event of a system outage there is support to recover service. The great thing about a SaaS product like Open edX is that there are support options for whatever your specific needs are.


With Open edX and ExtensionEngine, the sky is the limit. Any component or piece of the Open edX platform can be modified. What makes Open edX such a powerful tool for corporate users is the myriad of opportunities for course authors to use custom content within their courses. ExtensionEngine can help customize everything from overlaying a theme specific to your institution to implementing custom course content. Open edX allows implementation of professional education and development courses and education of end users or potential customers all from a fraction of the typical cost per learning hour.

Course Development

At ExtensionEngine, we have veteran instructional designers with experience in all of these areas. We can help you with program design if you have more than once course you’re developing, with course design, with actual course production including script development, video shoots, post production, game development and more as well as course and student analytics and operations for things like Google Hangouts, email / marketing, etc.

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