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A leading global management consulting firm, with nearly 100 years of helping organizations make lasting improvements to their performance, created a business offering that captures their management expertise and delivers it to clients through an innovative blended learning experience.


This organization is changing the way organizations think about leadership and management education. They are providing an alternative to university and traditional programs. Through our partnership with edX, they chose ExtensionEngine to contribute to this custom learning experience.

The challenge was to create a differentiated offering, resulting in ultra-high completion rates and generating lasting impact for clients.

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The Challenge

The consulting firm set ambitious goals as they imagined both a central learner dashboard experience – knitting together in person and digital experiences, and reimagined a more efficient way to manage those learners through internal admin dashboards. The complexity of both facets of the project – managing cohorts, custom branded dashboards and tailored program experiences for each of their clients – required a new kind of solution. For this, they turned to ExtensionEngine.

We collaborated to create an experience that was more than just “online courses”, but rather an immersive learning journey that transforms their clients and individual participants.

The Solution

ExtensionEngine provided the technical and strategic expertise they needed, as well as meet the high level of data security and privacy required. The learning experience is built on Open edX, a leading open source platform. Open edX is an open source platform developed by edX, a collaboration between Harvard and MIT. Open edX is freely available to any organization and there are no license fees or subscription fees.

To solve the need for user and client management, ExtensionEngine developed an integrated dashboard. The admin dashboard allows them to create custom cohorts and control clients’ groups. The dashboard also allows detailed reporting, bulk enrollment of new learners, communications tools, assigning project teams, application of client branding, and administration of course access and roles internally.

ExtensionEngine also created a participant learner dashboard. The dashboard is a central location for learners to see their courses within a program, a detailed calendar, resources and collaboration tools including discussion boards and group projects. The dashboard also provides data visualizations on progress through program items. We created tools to allow learners to easily work together and collaborate online. The learner dashboard is a very different experience than most standard LMS systems.

The Results

The results have been very positive. The dashboard delivers a clearly differentiated experience, and the consulting firms’ offering has been successful, with over 10,000 participants from over 100 companies. And as proof of the engaging and valuable experience the courses provide, they have a near 95% completion rate, unheard of in most corporate online learning.

ExtensionEngine Engine is proud to continue to contribute to this world-class online learning experience that is differentiated, unique, and developed to support the needs of both learner and our client.

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