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A global financial services company needed adaptive courseware that would adjust to user learning in real time while providing world class engagement. The course needed to engage users while conducting annual compliance and regulatory training.
ExtensionEngine delivered.


Thousands of corporations have moved at least some of their training online. In most cases, they’ve done so simply by porting traditional classroom materials to an online delivery platform – and that is a missed opportunity. Online learning platforms provide an exciting range of interactivity and adaptability that was never before possible, making courses more engaging, more effective and more responsive to the individual learner while allowing unprecedented insight into user’s engagement and participation levels and, ultimately, whether the business objectives are being met.

A major international financial services company recently came to ExtensionEngine looking for an innovative way to take advantage of online education for their professional education needs. They wanted to develop a suite of courses for their employees and contractors. The firm engaged with ExtensionEngine to do a needs assessment and then to design, develop and implement innovative digital technology. The goal was to excite users by fully tapping the potential of online learning.

The challenge was to reinvent this model of compliance and regulatory training to make it more interactive and personalized.

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The Challenge

Some types of training have a reputation for being dry and dull. This is especially true when it comes to compliance and regulatory training in the financial services industry. These courses must be passed by all new hires and be repeated annually by continuing employees. Many learners approach this type of training with a combination of resignation and dread.

The problem was twofold: First, this type of content is little more than pages of text and dull videos in an outline format that is uploaded into the customer’s corporate LMS. It’s boring, it’s linear, and it’s a chore to wade through.

Second, each learner has a different background and previous exposure to the material. What is a thorough and novel presentation to one learner can be dull and repetitive to another person, who nonetheless must take the course anyway.

When this major international financial services company reached out to ExtensionEngine, the challenge was to reinvent this model of compliance and regulatory training to make it more interactive and personalized. They asked for something learners would want to engage with — and, therefore, learn from.

The project presented some specific challenges to EE. We were tasked with:

  • Redesigning inherently dry content that must satisfy regulatory requirements as well as customer needs.
  • Finding a way to personalize the learning experience to meet the needs of learners with a wide variety of previous exposure to the material.
  • Increasing engagement to increase buy-in into the learning process and improve results
  • Choosing a platform that provides for easy revisions and modifications in response to any future changes in regulation.

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The Solution

All effective learning solutions begin with the learner, so we developed clear insights on customer needs and ongoing problems that were not being solved by current courseware. Our team then began looking for technologies that would maximize engagement and interactivity and, most importantly, be adaptive to individual learners, their previous knowledge base and their learning curve. We found that in Knewton, a leading edge adaptive learning platform.

Specifically, we:

  • Partnered with Knewton to design the courses to adapt in real time to the learner’s level and learning speed
  • Integrated Knewton with Open edX on the backend as the authoring tool and platform layer
  • Designed a next generation user interface that is responsive to mobile and optimized for the latest technology improvements

The Results

First indications are that it will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete annual compliance training. Because the courses are adaptive, people who recall the material from previous exposures will be able to quickly test out of it to satisfy regulatory requirements, whereas those new to the material will have a full-on learning experience that will engage them and effectively achieve our client’s business objectives.

Adaptive courseware is the future of online learning, and it’s unfolding here at ExtensionEngine today.

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