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The epidemic has shone a light on some of the most challenging problems in education. The world’s leading universities and most innovative nonprofits are faced with moving beyond remote instruction and basic video conferencing to create experiences that engage learners and instructors — an even better, more dynamic experience than they would have on campus, in classrooms, and in boardrooms.

Now more than ever we need you; curious, passionate, committed, and witty people working to solve some of the biggest problems education has ever faced.

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Why Extension

Wondering what it’s like to work here? Taking a look at our values is a good place to start finding out. Our values are central to who we are as a team, guide our interactions, and shape our end products. 

As you read through, you’ll notice a trend: learning. We’re passionate about it, and it threads our values together. And if you think of yourself as a lifelong learner, that’s good news for you! It means you will take charge of your growth and have the opportunity (and responsibility) to contribute to our culture and organization in a meaningful way. If you want to leave a legacy, this is a good place to start building it.

Be curious

Lifelong learners are excited about solving interesting problems. We insatiably seek and apply new knowledge

Be humble

A humble environment allows space for people to acknowledge their mistakes and limitations, be open to other viewpoints and ideas, and foster collaboration. Celebrating our diversity is ingrained in our daily routines and allows the work we do to speak for itself.

Be Honest

Trust and respect enable more-efficient and -rewarding collaborations. We build relationships through transparent, ongoing communication that allows our team members to proactively solve problems together.

Be whole

Having a rewarding professional and personal life is possible. Our team members build on their intuition, experience, and creativity to create a supportive and flexible work culture.

Be excellent

Achieving excellence is never easy, and it is hard to find. Designing meaningful solutions inspires us—we love what we do and it shows. Our experts focus relentlessly on designing meaningful solutions.

Oh, and did we mention…
We are proud to be awarded Built In Boston’s 50 Best Startups* to Work for in Boston, 100 Best Companies to Work for in Boston, and #8 for Best Startup* in the US!

*Startup defined as a company with less than 100 employees.

builtin 2023 Best Places to Work Official Winner


Interested in the details of our compensation and benefits?
We look at comp, benefits, and perks holistically—and focus on what really matters.

We pay competitively and equitably, so you don’t have to spend a lot time thinking about how much you’re making. We cover the majority of health insurance, so you can get the right care when you need it. And a top-notch 401k match lets you worry a little less about the future. Flexible work hours and flexible time-off create the space for you to manage your other responsibilities and do the things you love.

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